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The Circle of Life


The journey of life begins when you are born, starting the circle of life. One learns the way of life through education and life experiences. These experiences grow with work and relationships with other individuals throughout our lives. These life interactions of give and take are what makes us unique creating memories. When the circle comes to an end with death, it leaves the survivors (those who know the individual) an empty space in your heart.

The circle ended with many members of my family too soon leaving me in a dark place. Feelings of depression, emptiness, numbness, emotions, uncaring, fatigue, irritable, and crying can happen. It’s been four years today since my brother passed unexpectedly and these feelings still come one, somedays worse than others. My mother passed unexpectedly eight months later and the same feelings come on. I was so close to my brother and mother and when any anniversary comes up, the feelings get worse. I’m trying to move on but it’s a slow process with a big part of my heart empty.

I have plenty of memories from those that have passed on and realize that they are still in my heart. They will always be with me and will cherish my heart with all that I love, including my two fur-kids. I can’t live in the past and want to move on. I need to make more memories for my loved ones to remember me by before my circle is complete.



Living one day at a time struggling with mental health, physical, and financial problems

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