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Falling Again…


Last night I tripped and fell (my specialty) and felt like I broke a couple of toes.  Normally I wouldn’t of gone to the ER for just that but when I got up there was a splatter of blood.  I then wrapped my toes in some paper towels that were close by.  Those quickly got drenched with blood and got more and repeated.  I decided I better go to the ER.  I cleaned my toes off with some hydrogen peroxide and wrapped them good to limit bleeding in my shoe.  When I was cleaning them off, I felt the tear and was able to touch the bone.  No idea how I didn’t pass out!

I drove myself to the ER, about a two and half mile drive and walked in and felt a little light headed.   After telling the person at the desk what happened, they quickly got me a wheelchair (guess they didn’t want to pick me up if I passed out).
I was taken right away before a few other people that had lesser injuries.  Think I had to repeat my story a couple times and they started to soak my foot.  They put a wrap around it next and was off to get x-rays.  It seemed like I was taken care of by family…maybe because I was being taken care of by the same doctor and x-ray tech from my last visit in June with a broken Tibia.

The x-rays were quick and even had them x-ray my wrist that has been hurting since the end of April.  The doctor came back and didn’t know the x-ray results yet but had to stitch up the deep tear.  He gave me a shot to numb it up that hurt and burned more than the actual fall!  After about five minutes, he was done with the stitching then left to get the x-ray results.

He came back about 10 minutes later, I almost had fallen asleep because it was past my bedtime.  There were no breaks, yeah!  They found a open shoe for me to wear and told me to come back in 10 days to get the stitches out.

Overall, it was a good and quick experience at the ER that lasted maybe 90 minutes or less.  The doctor mentioned that he has seen these tears before when the toes come hyperextended ripping the skin and said he’d never wanted to go through that pain.  So I survived another fall and visit to the ER and hope I don’t have to return with a new visit anytime soon.  If I do, I think I’ll record what happened so I don’t have to repeat myself several times.



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