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Pain As Your Teacher

DdZReL1VAAEzfgcA little over two weeks ago I mentioned in a post that I fell and needed stitches in my right foot.  I had the stitches removed on Thursday and was surprised it didn’t hurt.  They told me since it was such a deep gash, it didn’t heal in the middle and will have to heal from the inside out.  I wish they would of told me that at the ER that this was a possibility.

I felt like a failure for it not healing better than it did.  I know I shouldn’t but it just feels like everything is so damn hard for me.  This has been just another problem added on to my already enormous list of items I have to cope with.  I need to clean but my back hurts, I would like to read but can’t concentrate, I would like to write more but my hands hurts, I would like to do so many things that I keep putting off that eventually I lose interest.

I know I have to accept some of my issues and know that better days are ahead.  I need to keep my head up, know my limitations, have more awareness of my surroundings, and eventually I’ll have a better day.  How do I know?  I have gone through this so many times and know I will bounce back.  It may be painful today but we learn from it and it does get better.  I just wish I had a fast-forward button though for times like this.