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Few Understand Chronic Pain


Many with chronic pain or mental health issues remain silent because if you tell someone, they hear your words but do not understand what you are going through.  Trying to tell a loved one that doesn’t understand not only hurts, it is very painful causing us to recluse even more.

For me, I continue to seek help from my psychiatrist and therapist.  I have also gone to a few support groups but one I was interested in was too hard for me to get to the conference area.   They were very helpful and I could call when I got there and they would get a wheel chair for me but I do not like to make a scene or be a problem.  I would like to go to another location to see if I can get in easier than the other one.

I value the friendship of a few people I know that are going through some of the same issues.  It is so hard to find someone just to talk to vent out your problem of the moment and have them understand the pain and frustration.  For anyone having issues that do not have support, I greatly encourage you to find a therapist and ask if they can suggest any support groups that they know of that are good in your area.  I know I am better off by doing this myself.  I was scared to open up at first about my problems because I was so used to no one understanding.  I was very surprised how much I opened up after listening to others in the group.  We are all going through hell but battling different devils.



Living one day at a time struggling with mental health, physical, and financial problems

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