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Downward Spiral


I have been feeling worse daily for the past few weeks.  I know this feeling and have been there before.  How can I keep from falling further?  I’m glad I have an appointment with my therapist tonight and it really comes at a good time for some help.

I’m keep on getting further in debt, medical bills keep coming, prescription costs are outrageous, as well as the regular bills.  My credit cards are filling up and know making the minimums will be a problem within a few months.  I waste money on fast food and pizza because it is too hard to get around in most stores.  I’m so tired of being in pain and having minimal pain relief from pills.

I can’t stand listening to all the lies and part-truths the politicians keep saying.  I like some of what Romney stands for but I feel that Obama is the better person to help people like me, needing health care and hopefully one day I’ll get better and go back to work. I think my and many other futures will be  better with Obama.  If I can’t stop my spiral though, I guess it doesn’t really matter.