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ADHD is Real


I’ve suffered with ADHD my entire life and was not diagnosed until my forties. It explained a lot of how frustrating life was to me growing up and still is. I get distracted by a pin drop a mile away and have all the symptoms in the above graphic. It kept me from writing for about 2 years now in this blog. I completely forgot about it and apologize to anyone who wrote comments to old posts without any response from me. Things have continue to be rough for me but have pretty much conquered my major depression.

It was a rough 7 years of hell for me. I haven’t taken any prescription drugs for a year now for depression. I didn’t plan it that way but just couldn’t afford them anymore. I was on so may different meds, I can’t even remember most of them besides the last one Brintellix that worked the best for me until I had to stop. They say that meds only work so much, well they are right for prescription drugs for me…the best was maybe 50% if that. My one good friend sent me some information about natural supplements that worked along with information about studies how well it worked. I looked them up and were reasonably priced (under $10 on the online vitamin shops) and tried them. It took a few weeks but since about October last year I felt better than I had in many years.

I wanted to start a new blog under a different name and bought a web address but still haven’t got it up. It’s I think the name symbolizes mental illness to me. It can affect anyone and is very distracting for you and others in your life. I’m going to try to get that up and running soon and may not return to this blog or set it up to copy posts back to this one. I want to concentrate on more positive than negative issues and will not be political correct. I love this Accepting Reality name too and had a website with that name too but couldn’t afford to keep it up.

Wow, I’m so scattered on writing and almost forgot about the main reason I started writing this post about ADHD and mental illness. There has been a lot of news the past few years about individuals suffering with mental illness and using guns to kill other people. I don’t think it’s an illness that does that, or at least in my case with major depression. I only wanted to kill myself, not anyone else. Not sorry I didn’t put Trigger Warning for that but don’t get me started on political correctness (this post is about mental illness, duh…). I think they are just using that excuse for our sorry state of the court system. It just makes the stigma worse for people who actually have mental illness and end up not to get help.

Besides stigma, there is other reasons why people don’t seek help or continue to get help. Money was the main reason for me. I couldn’t afford my co-pays for psychiatric, therapists, and prescription medicines. Money management is bad for most with mental illness and very bad for me. If our government is so concerned about mental illness they should make insurance companies provide mental help assistance for free as well as medicine to treat the illness. Their may be services that offer free assistance but I never found them and if I did, probably wouldn’t qualify for assistance (same thing for my prescriptions). Well, I have a bad headache from my blood pressure meds and can’t get one to work without any side effects so I think I’m done ranting for today.



Living one day at a time struggling with mental health, physical, and financial problems

3 thoughts on “ADHD is Real

  1. Hi. I’m also a 40-something adult who suffers from ADHD and depression (with a side of anxiety thrown in). Would you be willing to share what the vitamins are that have worked for you? I’m considering coming off my medication as well seeing as it’s pooped out. Thank you and best of luck.


    1. The main ones for depression I take Bacopa Monniera and Brahmi-Gotu Kola both available through Swansons vitamins online. There was a link I had to a clinical trial about this but no longer works. I really believe big pharmaceutical companies don’t want anyone to know about natural remedies and will do everything in their power to remove every reference to it. For me, it started to help after about 2 weeks. I was so stressed that it would stop helping I was trying to read up more and more online. I read that Inositol (one of the B vitamins) also helps and sometimes take that but not regularly anymore. I try to take other vitamins that are supposed to help but didn’t start those a few months later of vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and Omega 3,6,9. I never had any script that worked for me for an extended amount of time or worked more than 50% effective. I still can’t believe it helped me, didn’t just take the edge off but 100% felt better. I’m still looking for natural supplements to help with ADHD but some of the additional ones I listed are supposed to help some towards it as well as depression. Good luck to you and stay strong, you can make it through it!


  2. I agree, stigma and money are just a few among the factors that prevent people from seeking help. Accepting the illness as you do is the effective way to look at reality and positively find the best way forward. Great post.


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