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Greatest Pleasure

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Eyes Don’t Lie

Tones and I ~ Eyes Don’t Lie

Are you a stranger? (Are you a stranger?)
But you seem so familiar
It’s hard to explain, yeah (it’s hard to explain, yeah)
From what I can see, from what I can see
And maybe I’m broken
But my arms are wide open for ya
And you’ll never know it, but you’re just like me
From what I can see

The above verse from Eyes Don’t Lie really gets to me.  Most of my life I felt broken and maybe that’s why I never found a love that was meant to last.  Maybe we were both broken and became to resent each other, slowly growing further apart until there was nothing. 

Maybe we all have to go through failed relationships so we can cherish the good ones that come. 

For me, meeting the right one felt different from the start.  I felt like I could open up and talk about anything from my entire life.  I have never been more happy than I have been for the past two years with the love of my life.  It’s not easy because it’s been a long distance relationship with us living in different countries.  For now, I just want to concentrate on the happiness and think positive for our future.

Also related to eyes don’t lie it’s our pictures before we met and after.  We looked sad in most old pictures but the ones after we met our eyes look happy.  I truly don’t think I knew what love really was until now and I’m going to cherish it for as long as I can.