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Past and Future

I need to remember this is quote every day. When I don’t, it causes most of my depression and anxiety. There is so much pain and misery in my past that it is very hard not to be occupied by these thoughts.

Then I just need to remember, I am still here and survived. There’s got to be a reason why. I think the reason (s) why are still coming to me but they are starting to become more in focus.

So that leaves me worrying about the future making my anxiety go out of control at times. No one knows even if we will actually be alive tomorrow. Why do we even think anything we worry about can even be changed?

Living in the past or future just takes our happiness away from now (today). I have proven I am strong, of course I’m still struggling at times, but I am still here. I am now! I am going to live my best life moving forward.

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What We Are

This reminds me of the saying nothing changes if nothing changes. How can we expect something different if we don’t change what we do?

I was scared most of my life with no self-confidence, depressed, and shy. I felt like I was never good enough.

I needed to think more positive in my life. I lost so many years of my life worrying about things that didn’t matter. After a long journey my life is finally been going in the right, positive direction.

I now look forward to the future and the happy memories I still will create with my future love of my life.

So if you do not like the direction your life is heading, you need to change your thoughts. Only you can make that change and create a better version of yourself and your future.